Everything You Missed at Our Nashville WorkParty Tour Stop


We headed down south for our WorkParty with our next stop in Nashville. And, the ladies turned out! We teamed up with Microsoft Teams to bring our guests a WorkParty like no other. As you already know, Seattle is home to some of the most rad companies, including Microsoft. 

The event was hosted at WeWork, and our amazing speaker, shared how she brought her own work party to life. Keep on reading for the tips, tricks and tools we learned about last night.

The fifth WorkParty tour stop featured a conversation with Jen Gotch, founder and CCO of ban.do She dished on how she got started, how the business keeps booming, why we should discuss feelings at work, and so much more.

Mic-Drop Moments

“We’ve always strived to be aspirational.”

“You need to have self-awareness, emotional intelligence and actual awareness of what it is that you’re struggling with.”

“If a job can’t understand your anxiety then maybe it’s not the best place for you to work.”

“Things that I felt were so specific to me, actually belonged to a lot people.”

“I try and create a healthy work environment that feels rewarding, and like a human experience and not just a cold business.”

“I try and see what everyone’s individual passion is which is different for each person.”

“If you’re passionate it, it won’t matter what your 401k is, what your benefits are, if you get free drinks at work, etc.”

It wouldn’t be a WorkParty if we didn’t have our guests get involved with our friends at Microsoft Teams. We had an interactive booth, where attendees took a quick quiz to learn what kind of team member they are: the influencer, the heart, or the collaborator. It was important for our guests to learn more about Microsoft Teams and how it could help their workflow and overall business. The WorkParty team used the collaboration tool to plan the entire tour.

The ladies in attendance also sipped on some bubbly, courtesy of Chandon, while mingling with each other and as Jaclyn signed some books. There was also Crispin cider on deck, which is the perfect drink as we head into fall.

If you haven’t purchased WorkParty the book, you can grab your copy here. Stay tuned for more tour updates as we hit the road nationwide!