Show Notes: WorkParty Guest Marie Forleo

 Episode three of WorkParty, the podcast, is officially live! Jaclyn Johnson discusses all things taboo topics. That involves diversity, sexual harassment, negotiations, and all of that not-so-fun talk that goes down in the workplace. She brought in Karen Okonkwo, founder of TONL, in as her expert for the week and Marie Forleo was the special guest. The conversation was one for the books, and below are some show notes to skim before diving into the episode. 

 -Jaclyn introduces some of the taboo topics we face at work, including: negotiations, diversity, termination, and more. (0:45)

-Jaclyn explains the different negotiations she faces. One of them being a self-funded business owner, versus a VC-backed business owner. (1:30)

-Karen Okonkwo explains how the negative media portrayal of the deaths of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling got her & her business partner to take back their narratives, and showcase their people in a positive light with TONL. (6:28)

-“Representation is essentially depicting what the world looks like.” The room is not filled with people who all look the same.(7:30)

-“A lot of change happens when people are impacted financially.”(8:39)

“Unfortunately, money is what’s causing the shift for companies to pay better attention toward equal representation and just justice for people.” (8:53)

-Karen explains how imagery is extra impactful for influence and reach. (11:48)

-“Half the battle is knowing and understanding that you’re being underpaid in the first place.” (16:00)

-Karen explains how having tangible evidence of results and progress you’ve made can lead to that pay raise you’ve been wanting (16:38)

-“Human resources is your friend.” (17:00)

-Listeners learn how white women can help women of color be treated fairly and compensated fairly in the workplace. (17:27)

-WorkParty guest Marie Forleo explains how she never really fit into one box and didn’t fit in at all with her colleagues at her first job. (23:05)

-Marie explains the guilt she felt over wanting to quit a job with benefits, and when she had student debt, simply because she didn’t like it. (23:38)

-“You’re going to be working for the next 40 or 50 years of your life. You have to do what you love, and you can’t stop looking until you find it.” (24:53)

-Marie explains facing her fork in the road:  a promotion to work at Vogue or take up a career in life coaching. (27:13)

-“When you need to build experience, when you need to build a network and skills, my recommendation is to worry less about money.” (29:45)

-“Proximity is power.” (30:03)

-“It’s important in any stage of your career to keep the big picture in mind.” (30:40)

-“It’s important for each of us to define what having it all means.” (30:30)

-Per Jaclyn’s direction, everyone listening should go out and ask a man, “Do you think you can have it all?” (34:20)

-“I absolutely believe in myself, AND I am one of the most insecure people.” (37:00)

-“Being transparent about my insecurities, things that I don’t know, places where I am unsure, paradoxically gives me more confidence.” (37:45)

-“I love money. And I have a lot of it and I’m very proud of it, and I share it and I spread it, and I use it for good.” (40:17)

-“I’ve noticed how I’ve changed as a woman over the years as I’ve grown my wealth.” (40:25)

-“When women make more money, they’re 90% more likely to re-invest in their community.” (40:50)

“There’s no losing when we give women money, on no level.” (41:21)

-Marie explains that when asking for more money we should go for a number that’s at least 25% higher than what we initially think we should. (42:54)

-“Never try to motivate others through fear or shame. That’s a losing proposition.” (47:00)


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