WorkParty Guest: Phoebe Robinson


 A brand new episode of WorkParty is here! This week we’re talking all about resiliency and why it’s a requirement down every woman’s career path. We here tips and tidbits from Megababe founder, Katie Sturino, and 2 Dope Queens’ Phoebe Robinson. The ladies chatted it up with Jaclyn  , touching on confidence, creating their own seat at the table and so much more. Ahead, some key takeaways from the conversation.

Show Notes

(5:30) “I wanted to pass along my hacks for how to get dressed when you’re a size 12ish.-Katie Sturino

(5:36) “My essence is confidence”-Katie Sturino

(7:00) “Notice your feelings and who’s making you feel bad about yourself and unfollow them.”- Katie Sturino

(7:30)“Put images in your face that are inspiring and people who are inspiring.”- Katie Sturino

(9:50)“I did a lot of work to make sure that my confidence isn’t superficial and isn’t just on the outside.”- Katie Sturino

(11:40)“I took the energy from my personal life and put it into Megababe.”- Katie Sturino

(36:00)“We’ve realized that all of these changes going on in the world aren’t pushing us forward.”-Phoebe Robinson

(36:50)“This is a great time for women to lean on each other heavily, support each other, listen to each other, and really try to fight each other’s battles.”-Phoebe Robinson

(37:00)“If you’re going to support women, you need to support ALL women.”-Phoebe Robinson

(37:30)“Women are being more vocal about their involvement in politics, or in charitable activities, or breaking glass ceilings.”-Phoebe Robinson

(37:47)“Trying to grow as an artist when you don’t have the money is really tough.”

(48:30)“Trolls are unhappy, and they’re all lies.”-Phoebe Robinson

(54:35) “Women are gonna take the f*ck over.”-Phoebe Robinson


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