WorkParty Expert: Maxie McCoy

The latest episode of WorkParty, the podcast, touches on one of the toughest subjects of all—failure. We’ve all been through it or will go through it at one point or another, because failure is a part of life. When it comes to business, failure can be experienced in a variety of ways. Our WorkParty expert is Maxie McCoy, who is a writer, speaker, all-around motivator, and good friend of the C&C family. She gives insight on why failure isn’t always a bad thing, and how to deal with it smoothly. Ahead, some of Maxie’s biggest takeaways from this week’s episode.

On Learning from Your Failures

Believe it or not, failure isn’t always a bad thing. Have you ever messed something up and realized it only helped you in the long run to make that mistake? Exactly, so do most of us. “I don’t know about you, but you learn way more from failing than you do succeeding,” says Maxie. And that’s the truth, if you’re constantly good at everything you do, you’ll run out of things to learn from. Sometimes we need to fall down in order to get back up again.

On Confidence

We hear it all of the time: confidence is key. Sure, but it’s easier said that done, right? As Maxie puts it, “confidence isn’t just something that you’re born with.” And that’s a fact. We have to learn to be confident, and a lot of the time our confidence comes from learning from our failures. Knowing that we got out of a not-so-great situation just fine, can absolutely boost our confidence. “If you can look at yourself and really figure out how to be the highest possible of expression of who you are, that is going to give you a natural confidence.”

On Making Big Decisions

Another thing we’ll all have to face is making those big, scary decisions. Whether it’s work-related or more personal, making a decision that you know will impact you in the long run is never easy. So, what do you do when you’re scared? “The fear doesn’t ever really go away.  What you’re doing is, you’re learning to decide alongside fear,” says Maxie. So, in other words, let that fear ignite you rather than tear you down. “When the decisions are big and you are scared sh*tless about them, one of the things that you could do is going through a Plan B scenario.”