WorkParty Expert: Katie Sturino

This week’s WorkParty episode focuses on resiliency. If you’ve already read the book, then you’ll know “resiliency required” is one of the rules found in WorkParty. Tough times are inevitable when you’re out there hunting 24/7 like a boss. One woman who knows this all too well, is Katie Sturino, founder of the 12-ish Style and Megababe. As this week’s expert, Katie breaks down how to find your confidence and how to cope when sh*t hits the fan. Ahead, some tidbits from the episode.

Follow Inspiring People

Why have your social media feeds focus only on unattainable things? Sure, we all like beautiful vacation photos, but are those really making us happy? Katie encourages listeners to get out there and find accounts that really inspire them, and trying to do good. This will make you feel better about logging on.  “Notice your feelings and who’s making you feel bad about yourself, and unfollow them.”

Own Your Confidence

While her confidence is natural, it took her a while to get there. Katie made it a point to ensure her confidence wasn’t all about what’s on the outside, but what’s on the inside too. She did a lot of work to make sure her confidence wasn’t superficial.  

Turn Negative Energy Into Something Positive

About two years ago, Katie found herself in the middle of a divorce. Rather than asking herself things such as “why me?”, she found it in her to own it and accept what was happening. After listening to some experts herself, she took that energy and put it into her business, Megababe.