WorkParty Expert: Ally Love

Our WorkParty expert of the week was a good friend of ours, Ally Love. Ally is the founder of Love Squad, a community of women that gather together for events and create amazing content while at it. She’s all about having a squad of badass women for support and guidance throughout our careers and life in general. Ahead, some takeaways to catch up on before diving in to the full episode.

On Toxic Relationships

We’ve all been there before. Whether in our personal lives or work lives, toxic relationships can be found everywhere. The good thing is that there are ways to determine if any relationship in our lives is in fact toxic, and how to remove ourselves from those situations. As Ally puts it, you’ll know if a relationship is toxic if you notice that someone is always taking from you, and you feel depleted after being around them.

On Finding Good People

Believe it or not, the best people are not always the ones who agree with you on everything. “The way you know that people are good is that they’ll tell you no,” Ally says. When you do come up with an idea and you have an issue that you need someone to help you resolve and find a solution, you need someone to come and say hey, you were wrong,” she added.

On Mentorship

“Your mentor doesn’t have to be someone you talk to every day. It’s someone you look up to, someone you trust, has your best interest at hand, and will give you some advice because they’ve been there before,” Ally explained. This is a key point for everyone to remember in life, as we could all use a mentor or two. Rather than stressing out about finding the right one, just reach out and see what happens. What’s the worst that could happen?