Show Notes: WorkParty Guest Rachel Zoe


For the second episode of WorkParty, the podcast, Jaclyn Johnson chats with visual artist and entrepreneur Jihan Zencirilli, and former fashion stylist and designer Rachel Zoe. The episode emphasized what it really means to take your creativity seriously and turning it into your full-time job. Jaclyn broke down statistics on what really happens when creatives don’t feel fulfilled, Jihan discussed bringing in the right team and learning how to price your work, and Rachel got into the nitty gritty of making it in fashion and maintaining her icon status for years to come.

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A study showed that when pulling hundreds of creatives, 75% of them thought they were not living up to their creative potential. Meaning that creatives are leaving a lot on the table. (2:28)

“I was always hustling anything I hand-made. Anything I touched, I wanted to make into a business.” (6:28) 

“Pricing is really arbitrary and it’s sort of a game of, how much can I charge before people think I’m crazy? And, how much can I charge to actually turn a profit so you can grow something?” (9:35) 

“As soon as I thought I wanted to make money from this, it would just be a supplement to the rest of my work or my life.” (10:44)

“You need to make it fine art like it’s something that people will spend some money on because they feel it’s a luxury item. It was the smartest advice and I needed someone to give it to me and tell me that it was okay. I don’t think that I would’ve given myself that permission. So I started my price off at $75 per balloon.” (12:45)

“Everyone wanted the best of the best, and I had to outdo myself. Especially in LA, where there is a market for luxury items and sort of an insecurity if you don’t have this item.” (13:30)

“What is more genuine than a single artist standing behind their art and offering it to the world? No company can pay anyone in their marketing, media, PR department, enough money to be able to come up with a campaign as succinct and as real as identifiable and as honest as an artist.” (17:50)

“Every project I have, the conversation like: This has to be my thing, this always has to represent me, my core values, my beliefs, my colors.” (18:30)

I just want to get my art out there. It’s self-warming! I create it for how I feel about myself, but unless I have eyes on it I’m not really doing the work that I’m hoping I’m doing, which is touching people.” (18:53) 

“I created something that became a secondary market, that didn’t exist before me. It’s important to people and their businesses and it’s how so many people have made money and it was my idea that I believed in, that I shared, and it’s what makes my work more relevant now. It’s been around for eight years, I own it in a way, it will always be me. It’ll always be directly owned by me from the energy source.” (25:30)

“It’s an honor to be knocked off in such a viral, big way.” (26:20)

“Don’t listen to anyone’s advice. Nothing I can tell you will be of any value if you’re not on the pulse of what your needs are.”

“I wanted to build upon my styling, I wanted to broaden the subject.” (42:06)

“There were very few jobs that you could move into. My peers were in those jobs and not going anywhere. So if I wanted to move to another magazine, there honestly wasn’t a space for me.” (42:30)

“I said I was going to start freelancing on the side to broaden my horizons a little bit. And to be honest what ultimately happened was my freelance work started to become very consuming, and to be honest, very lucrative.” (43:13) 

“I wasn’t working for money. I was working because my passion for what I did was so huge that I didn’t really care how much I was making.” (43: 45) 

“I lived for it. I didn’t sleep, I lived out of a suitcase. When I wasn’t on the job I was doing expenses for the job. It was one of those things where my life became all consumed.” (43:06) 

“I’m not someone who can give 20% to something. I’m someone who gives 100 or 200% and the challenge over the last couple of years has been balancing different businesses.” (52:08) 

“I have always used my gut as a constant light and force in every facet of my life, but I would say especially in business.” (53:50)

“I never had a blueprint or an architectural plan of my career. My goal was to be the best stylist I could be and as I grew and my business and the brand grew, different things led to different things.” (54:12) 

“Taking that extra five minutes to spend on yourself every day to put yourself out there in the best possible way, I think is really important.” (55:25)


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