Why the West Coast is the Best Coast, According to Our Favorite SF Influencers

We took a pit stop from our WorkParty tour to continue enjoying San Francisco. WorkParty and Alaska Airlines threw a dinner party for some of our favorite Bay Area Ladies at The Progress in SF. The Hawaii-themed soiree was everyone’s Instagram dream, and gave guests the perfect island vibes for unwinding and enjoying a night out in the city. So, we had to ask the ladies of the Bay Area, what exactly makes the West Coast the best coast? Keep on reading for more on that.

What Makes the West Coast the Best Coast?

“I was born here, it’s something about the weather and laid back people. It’s chill vibes and it’s sunny all the time!”-Melissa Goldberg

“The West Coast is the best coast because the sunshine doesn’t stop. I was born and raised in California, and don’t think I’ll ever leave.”-Aleksandra Zee

“The West Coast is the best coast because it has the sun, the ocean, trees, everything you could ever want. Plus amazing friends, opportunities, and a beautiful community.”-Anna-Alexia Basile

“We have the best and freshest avocados.”-Lucia Litman

“We have better weather, and there’s a very chill vibe out here.”-Tiffany Wang

Alaska Air was also kind enough to provide guests with roundtrip travel vouchers for anywhere they’d like to go. As if they already didn't get to feel like they were on vacation for one night, they’re now able to enjoy the real deal.

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