WorkParty Guest: Sophia Bush


We’ve reached our last episode of the season. As you’ve joined us on this inspirational ride, you’ve heard from some of the biggest bosses in the game. For our final episode, we’re talking about one of the most pivotal messages in WorkParty—collaboration over competition. LinkedIn’s Blair Decembrele joins us as our expert, to give all of her insight on how to make your profile stand out. Actress-turned-activist Sophia Bush is our special guest this week and she dishes on making friends as an adult, how a movement is the way to change culture, and so much more. Ahead some key takeaways from the conversation.

“We know today that companies and hiring managers and professionals and executives are really looking soft skills versus hard skills when it comes to building a team.” -Blair Decembrele (3:03)

“23% of Gen-Zers say that they don’t want to waste anyone else’s time.”Blair Decembrele (5:38)

“Connect to anyone in your network that you know and trust.”-Blair Decembrele (9:20)

“Take advantage of that community around you.”-Blair Decembrele (9:36)

“Men in power don’t pit men who are junior to them, against each other, but they try to pit women against each other.”-Sophia Bush (14:50)

“It’s okay to find your friend-family as you grow.”-Sophia Bush (19:20)

“It’s okay to sort-of hone your skills as a friend, as a supporter of your fellow women, while you are growing up.”-Sophia Bush (19:46)

Jaclyn and Sophia discuss the value of paying it forward as women...(26:00)

“We should be able to mourn our friendships in a way that is as socially acceptable as mourning our romantic relationships ending.”-Sophia Bush (32:38)

“Take stock in the kind of friend you are.”-Sophia Bush (32:58)

“Healthy competition to me feels supportive.”-Sophia Bush (34:35)

“There is no way to change culture unless there is a movement.”-Sophia Bush (42:00)

“When you see so many people publicly putting their necks on the line for something, that you know they’re receiving a ton of blow-back for, you have to know that it means something.”-Sophia Bush (42:40)


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