Show Notes: WorkParty Guest Kristin Ess


Can you believe we’re already at episode number five of WorkParty, the podcast? Neither can we. For all of those who have been listening, we’re sure you’ve thought about building your tribe and your squad for both at work and outside of the office. This week’s episode revolves around just that. We all need a strong band of women to hold us together and help us push through those not-so-fun sometimes, and who we can also celebrate our wins with. Our expert of the week is Love Squad founder, Ally Love and our special guest is hair expert Kristin Ess. Both women have built an empire from the ground up and share why a solid squad is essential for the ride.

“The way you know that people are good is that they’ll tell you no.”(5:35) -Ally Love

“When you do come up with an idea and you have an issue that you need someone to help you resolve and find a solution, you need someone to come and say hey, you were wrong”-Ally Love (5:48)

“You need someone in your community and in your squad who adds perspective that’s quite different than yours.” (6:15)-Ally Love

“Firing is very difficult, and you always want to hire very well so you don’t ever have to fire.” (7:09)-Ally Love

“When you are creating a career, a business, or just doing some self-care work, one of the huge identifiers of a relationship or any kind of partnership that’s toxic is that the person is always taking, and you always feel depleted after being with them.” (9:20)-Ally Love

“Having haters means you’re doing something right.” (14:43)-Ally Love

“My perspective on relationships and community evolves quarterly.” (15:15)-Ally Love

‘You need a hater, you need someone that doesn’t like what you’re doing.” (17:35)-Ally Love

“Your mentor doesn’t have to be someone you talk to every day. It’s someone you look up to, someone you trust, has your best interest at hand, and will give you some advice because they’ve been there before.” (18:38)-Ally Love

“The people who have helped me the most are still my clients, and people who’ve worked with me and are in a different role now.”(25:25)- Kristin Ess

“You can’t show favorites or spend extra time with certain people.” (28:47)-Kristin Ess

“You only take in so much when you’re young, and you’re not always listening.” (30:35)-Kristin Ess

“Now women are understanding that for us to actually grow and gain more power and momentum, we actually do need to help each other.”-(31:39)-Jaclyn Johnson

“The key ingredient to my whole entire career is the loyalty of the people that I engage with.” (33:10)-Kristin Ess

“Just do the best thing that you can, with all of the experience you’ve ever had, and you cross your fingers and hope people get it.” (36:18)- Kristin Ess

“I still to this day would make every decision I ever made. Good or bad.”(40:53)-Kristin Ess