Show Notes: WorkParty Guest Sara Blakely


Welcome back to another week, and another work party. The latest episode of WorkParty, the podcast, touches on one of the toughest subjects of all—failure. We’ve all been through it or will go through it at one point or another, because failure is a part of life. When it comes to business, failure can be experienced in a variety of ways. Here to help us explore the topic a little more are our guests for the week, Maxie McCoy and Sara Blakely. Ahead, some takeaways from the episode and don’t forget to subscribe to the WorkParty podcast below.

4:24 “I don’t know about you but you learn way more from failing than you do succeeding”- Maxie McCoy

7:40 “If you’re going through a struggle or you’re going through a failure, you HAVE to pay attention to what this is doing to you.”-Maxie McCoy

11:40 “Knowing those hurdles is really powerful thing for us.”- Maxie McCoy

15:04 “Confidence isn’t just something that you’re born with.”-Maxie McCoy

15:44 If you can look at yourself and really figure out how to be the highest possible of expression of who you are, that is going to give you a natural confidence.”-Maxie McCoy

16:30 “We think: I actually need to be confident in order to do XYZ….deep sense of self belief”- Maxie McCo

20:20 “It’s easier to practice self-care once you’ve found something that works for you and that you’re committed to.”-Maxie McCoy

25:20 “The fear doesn’t ever really go away.  What you’re doing is, you’re learning to decide alongside fear.”-Maxie McCoy

26:00 “When the decisions are big and you are scared shitless about them, one of the things that you could do is going through a Plan B scenario.”-Maxie McCoy

46:47 “I led and created Spanx very guided by the divine feminine”-Sara Blakely

47:58 “As a woman in business I say my greatest weakness has also been my greatest asset, which is being underestimated”-Sara Blakely

48:28 “Being underestimated is a huge advantage.”-Sara Blakely

49:33 “When you do things the way other people are doing it, there isn’t going to be big change.”-Sara Blakely

49:40 “The only time change happens is when there’s disruption.”-Sara Blakely


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