The PYT—Powerful Young Talented—Trinity Wofford Was Just 23 When She Disrupted the Wellness Space

Did you know 12 million women founded a business in 2018? And women under 40 made up 19% of that number. These numbers prove that women, despite the problematic narratives that surround them such as the difference in how VC’s talk about men and women and the perceived idea that male atributes are synonymous with entrepreneurial attributes, they’re continuing to persevere and fight for changing tides. It’s undeniable that this younger generation is so much more than a PYT, they have powerful ideas that are resonating, connecting communities, and shifting culture. So in the spirit of this movement, we’re changing up the “pretty young thing” cliche to “powerful, young, talented” with a goal to increase visibility around these young founders and create a path for others to follow in their footsteps. Each month, they’ll talk openly about what it takes to start a business as a young woman today—the challenges and the triumphs—with a major dose of inspiration. 

Photo: Courtesy of Golde

Photo: Courtesy of Golde

When we spearheaded the PYT series, there was one name that came to mind:Trinity Mouzon Wofford. She is single-handedly disrupting the wellness space, fighting for accessibility, and building an intentional brand all at the age of 23. Mouzon launched Golde in January 2017, and it’s experienced incredible organic growth in the last two years, leading by example when it comes to making the wellness world a more inclusive space. Unsurprisingly Trinity is full of powerful insights. We talk to the formidable entrepreneur about when her idea for Golde was catalyzed, the pros and cons of being a young business owner and advice for young women who are interested in launching their own.

Let’s start with introductions, who are you and what’s the quick rundown on your backstory? 

My name is Trinity Mouzon Wofford, and I’m the co-founder of Golde, a Brooklyn-based health and beauty company. I started my college career as a pre-med student, eager to practice holistic health after witnessing the effects it had on my mom’s chronic illness. When my mom could no longer afford to see her pricey doctor, I sought out a new way to follow my vision. If I was going to build something in wellness, it had to be for everybody. Golde became my opportunity to create what I felt was missing in the wellness space—a diverse brand centered on the idea that being well should feel *good* (both physically and emotionally).

Can you tell us about Golde and why you’re passionate about it?

Golde is a wellness brand focused on the power of superfoods. Launching the company was inspired by my own experiences as a consumer in the wellness space, feeling a bit caught between the crunchy granola and the ultra-luxe. I wanted to build a brand in wellness that felt accessible, inclusive, and fun. Golde makes a variety of superfood-boosted essentials for health and beauty, but at the core of it, we’re really a community. It’s been incredible to see other people engage with the brand and our message, and we’re so excited to continue to grow that vision.

How old were you when you launched It?

23—a baby!

Photo: Courtesy of Golde

Photo: Courtesy of Golde

What have been the pros and cons of starting a business at such a young age?

Starting a business very young can be incredible because you have naivety on your side and you really have no idea how hard it’s going to be. Not having those fears really allowed me to push forward unencumbered. That said, with so few resources it was challenging to keep up with our growth as we started to really scale.

What’s one thing you wish you knew before you started?

I wish I had known more about financial modeling and watching the cash flow. I definitely learned some hard financial lessons along the way.

What tools did you find helpful as Golde began to grow and how did you preserve when challenges arose? 

I think prioritizing your own wellness is huge when you’re in a phase of giving a lot to something, whether that’s a business or a new job or a friend who’s leaning on you for support. For me, I try to make sure I move my body every day. I’m not especially hardcore about fitness, but I love to do a morning yoga routine at home. It’s great to take a few moments to be at peace with your body and your breath and to tune out everything else that’s going on. Challenges come up literally all the time, and I think over the past couple of years I’ve just gotten a lot better at dealing with them. Tenacity is a muscle that you can strengthen with time and practice. 

Photo: Courtesy of Golde

Photo: Courtesy of Golde

What’s been your biggest success?

Launching in Sephora this year was really incredible because I was the youngest woman of color on record to ever launch a brand there, and one of the first wellness brands to ever be carried there. That said, I think our biggest success is anytime I hear from a stranger about how much they love our brand and our products. That really never gets old, and it means the world.

What advice would you give other young women who are wanting to start a company? 

My biggest piece of advice would be to seek out mentors. You can learn so much by connecting with other founders who have been where you’re at. Also, think in advance about where you want your business to go. It can be a small side thing that you do in addition to your full-time work, and there’s absolutely no shame in that. There’s so much pressure today on everyone to achieve to the absolute max, but keep in mind that no level of accolades is going to make you happy—you define that for yourself.

And lastly, do you have a favorite Golde product that everyone should try?

Lately, people are loving our new Clean Greens face masks, so I’d have to say that one! It’s rich with chlorophyll thanks to green superfoods chlorella and spirulina, so it’s pretty much a green smoothie for your skin. It’s simultaneously hydrating and purifying, and it leaves you with an incredible glow.

Photo: Courtesy of Golde

Photo: Courtesy of Golde

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