Listen Up—Tune Into Our Live Podcast Conversation With Catt Sadler & Marni Senofonte

News flash: Las Vegas is so much more than slots and cocktails. As our team knows, it’s also the home of the country’s largest fashion trade show, WWDMAGIC. Last summer we partnered with Project WOMENS, one of the trade show’s signature events, to host two days of eye-opening panels with leaders in the space.

For the final act, our founder Jaclyn Johnson sat down with two incomparable personalities in the biz, Catt Sadler and Marni Senofonte. The audience loved the conversations so much, we had no choice but to share them with our fashion-crazed WorkParty community.

Tune in to the podcast below then keep reading for some of our favorite moments from the interviews:

Catt Sadler

On equal pay and quitting after her male counterpart earned double:

“I've had zero regrets for standing up for myself and taking that leap.” 

“Looking back, now it all makes sense. I’ve been able to speak on the issue of equality, I’ve been able to come to conferences like this. I’ve been using my voice and my reach as much as I possibly can.”

On the purpose behind her podcast “Naked”:

“It’s about exploring women's real stories and letting it all hang out. We are all here for fashion… But the flip side to that is, who are we?”

“People need to purge. We all need to feel less alone... ‘maybe I’m not suffering in silence’.”

On starting a new career journey: 

“Things take time. It takes time to plant seeds, you need to be patient.”

“The menusha to getting what you want isn’t sexy.”

On transparency on money and equal pay:

“I think it’s okay to ask in an interview, “Can I be assured you are paying men and women equally? It is well within your rights to ask. If you don’t know, you can’t ask. It starts on you taking ownership.” 

“Record your wins before you can go in and ask for a promotion.” 

On being inspired by other women:

“I learn every day from other women.”

“What a privilege it is to be female. I am so turned on by what everyone is doing right now.”

“There is such a gift in just doing you.” 

“We all as women champion one another and believe in empowerment, believe in lifting one another up, but I feel like we’re in this real season where we’re talking about things that are hard to talk about.”

On being a working mom and balancing family with business:

“When you’re with them, be with them.”

“Self-care is paramount. It’s okay to put yourself first in a lot of those situations. Meditating, working out…”

“If I did not take care of myself, I would be no one to anyone.” 

“Check in with yourself. That's okay. Don't make apologies for yourself.”

“Literally step outside, it’s free. Look at a tree. There is peace in that, there is a calm in that.” 

“Say no. You don't have to do everything. Make sure the things you are doing, you want to do.” 


Marni Senofonte

On juggling different clients:

“Clients need to be inspired by me just as much as I’m inspired by my clients.”

On not wearing black:

“It forces me to be creative every morning.”

On Instagram portfolios:

“It's a blessing and a curse. Everyone’s a stylist now. Everyone can put looks together. It's amazing.” 

On storytelling through styling:

“For Beyoncé, she has well thought out ideas and concepts. There is so much story behind her music. So, the wardrobe kind of comes into play with that.” 

On fashion accessibility through social media:

“It's really great now that everyone has their own magazine, everyone's Instagram is their own Vogue.”

On where she finds inspiration:

“I find inspiration through other people. At my apartment in New York, I sit on my stoop and watch people go by.”

“If I’m at a museum and I see colors, I think ‘oh, i gotta use this’.”

“That’s what styling is. You gotta steal from here, here, here, and here.”

Rapid-fire questions:

The definition of style is:

“Being honest and true to yourself. If you believe it I'm going to believe it.” 

Success is:

“Being able to smile.” 

My greatest lesson is...

“Anything is possible. I’m from Scranton, Pennsylvania, I’m not supposed to be here.”

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