Don't Let Instagram Eat Your Life

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Negativity is not our vibe, but there are a few hard no's we've got to work on. (But we're doing it with a positive-thumbs-up-you've-got-this attitude.) 

That's right. We're all in it together-- that's the #WorkParty way. 

1. Commit to Clocking Out 

Your brain needs a time out sometimes. Mel Robbins from the Audible Original "Kick Ass with Mel Robbins" says this: 

"Instead of endlessly working and being addicted to your phone from sunrise to sunset, try this: Set a time today that you will absolutely stop working.

As someone who used to work all day long, I was amazed what happened when I started setting a quitting time, something I now do every single day."

You don't get a memo that you're on the right path-- you have to write one yourself

2. Ditch the Guilt About Saying "No." 

Realize that you are saying "no" to a task, not to a person. You don't have to feel badly about putting yourself first. Nor should you feel like you have to "quit whining and cash your paycheck." That's not what a paycheck is about. Those numbers don't own your soul.  

Your best work often comes when you aren't afraid to put yourself first. And that will *sometimes*  lead to a bigger paycheck. 

But until that day comes...

3. Don't Spend Like There's No Tomorrow 

There's 'treat yo-self' and then there's 'treat yo-self right outta house and home.' Or as Denise Vasi, actress and founder of says, "Don't go broke pretending to be rich." 

So how do you know if you're doing a good job with your spending? Or are working with a budget that actually, well, works. 

First, decide if a monthly budget works for you. You might need to put yourself on a weekly budget. Or you might need both. You also might want to break your spending into "necessities" and "personal" spending. 

Next, don't guesstimate how much money you are going to save every month. Know what you are going to save-- to the penny. Budgeting, like the devil, is in the details. 

A really great practice is called, zero-sum budgeting. The goal of a zero-based budget is to ensure that your income and expenses are exactly balanced (“zeroed out”).

4. Don't Let Instagram Eat Your Life 

Not only does Instagram kill your data, battery, and storage, it can also kill all of the vibes. Especially if you're spending half of your day with your head deep in your screen. #TechNeckISReal. Sometimes by showing your life, you're missing out on it. 

Alyssa Vingan Klein, Editor-in-Chief at Fashionista told the publication, 

"The maintenance of my Instagram feed is one of the most anxiety-inducing aspects of my job. At the beginning, the app was so much fun! I snapped random scenes from my day-to-day NYC existence and of anything that made me smile — a promo poster for "Drive" featuring Ryan Gosling, for example — adding an "artsy" touch with the bold filters that were standard in Instagram's early days. There was little rhyme or reason behind my posts, with the only common thread being, "I like these things, maybe you will, too."

But as the years went by and brands, modeling agencies and PRs caught on, the platform became all about strategy."

Strategy is just another word for work. And we all feel that burn. So you need to set real boundaries so that you can enjoy In Real Life. 

What are some other don'ts you abide by? And while you're at it, share some dos.