5 Ways to Not be Tired Today

Have you ever sat down and wondered why you're actually so tired all of the time? Sure, the emails, conference calls, caffeine OD and constant creative brainstorms with the voices in your head have something to do with it.

Plenty of your everyday activities can be contributing to your exhaustion and making you feel the symptoms of fatigue. As a #WorkParty starter, you can't have any of that because there's way too much to get done. A lot of the times you could be contributing to your own lack of energy, but it's important to note that if it becomes serious, you should go ahead and see a doctor for an evaluation. Ahead, a few things to consider in your everyday life that can help you feel more energized and alert enough to conquer your entire to-do list. 

Upgrade Your Breakfast

You're probably so tired of hearing that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but it is—and sorry to tell you for the millionth time. A nutritious breakfast can give you the energy you need to survive your 9-5 days or your never-ending WFH days, making your week so much better. A lot of us have the tendency of eating bread or sugary cereals in the morning, but having heavy carbs or too much sugar early on in the day can lead to a crash come the afternoon. Swap your starchy breakfast for a protein-packed meal to keep you fueled with energy. 

Double Up On H2O

As you may already know, dehydration makes us feel exhausted. After all, our bodies are made up of about 60% water, so staying hydrated is a major key to avoiding burnout. Thankfully, a lot of jobs are already stocked with a sufficient water supply, making it easier for us to sip on H2O throughout the day. If you're not so lucky, try bringing your own water bottle wherever you go, so that you not only continuously drink it throughout the day but also have the chance to refill it whenever possible. 

Track Your Sleep Pattern

If you think you've gotten the proper amount of sleep and still feel tired all of the time, it may be time for you to track the way you sleep. Just because you got eight hours of sleep, doesn't mean that your sleep cycle length was, in fact, eight hours long. A sleep tracker can determine how many full cycles of sleep you actually get per night, along with how many hours of deep sleep you're getting. Once both of these are determined, you'll understand if you're not getting the proper amount of sleep for your body, and can move forward from there. 

Get Up and Moving


What if we told you that to stop being exhausted, you should get up and exercise? The last thing you want to do when you're tired is a workout, but that's exactly what your body might need. A regular gym session can help boost your energy levels when you're feeling tired beyond belief, and you'll thank yourself later for it. Whether it's a 20-minute run on the treadmill or a walk around your neighborhood, being active will lead you to be a lot less tired. 

Take Your Vitamins

Unfortunately, we don't all always have the right amount of vitamins in our system to help better fight issues like fatigue. Having a vitamin deficiency is a fairly common issue, especially among women. Vitamins such as Vitamin D, B5, B6, and B12 can help promote better energy levels and normal fight fatigue. The downside to this is that to learn if your body is deficient in any vitamin levels you must see a doctor.