Mic Drop Moments from Season 1 of WorkParty

Our entire season 1 of WorkParty the podcast is now LIVE! We discussed launching a business, navigating the branding basics, building an unstoppable tribe, overcoming failure and so much more with the best in business. We covered a ton of inspiring and motivational topics in this season with guests like Rachel Zoe, Kristen Bell, Bobbi Brown, Phoebe Robinson, Marie Forleo and Sophia Bush just to name a few.

Keep reading for the deets from every episode and a few of our favorite mic drop moments from our special guests. If you need to get caught up, tune in to WorkParty the podcast on iTunes, Google Play and Spotify today!

Start by Starting

The number one question we get at Create & Cultivate conferences and on social media is when do I start my business and how? In this episode, Jaclyn interviews professional makeup artist and serial entrepreneur, Bobbi Brown and the two powerhouse women break down the four steps to get your business out into the world. Our legal expert, Brenda Schamy, explains the meaning behind all the important paperwork involved in starting a new business.

Taking Your Creativity Seriously

When Jaclyn first started Create & Cultivate it was a total side project. She was running her marketing and events agency at the time. As time passed and the momentum grew around Create & Cultivate, she knew she had to make a shift mentally and start thinking about it as a business for it to become a business. In this episode of WorkParty the podcast, Jaclyn interviews the fashion icon Rachel Zoe on how she built her empire and our creativity expert, Jihan, founder of Geronimo Ballons, is breaking down the keys to knowing your worth as a creative.

Navigating Taboo Topics

As modern working women we make negotiations on a daily basis. You know, those tough conversations like salary negotiations, diversity and inclusion initiatives (or problems), the termination or low performance of employees, dealing with criticism, sexual harassment. The list goes on. In this episode, Jaclyn interviews Marie Forleo on handling negotiations and our expert Karen Okonwo defines diversity for us and shares advice on how we can do our part in supporting black women in corporate America.

Paying it Forward

In WorkParty the book Jaclyn talks about how women helped her build her businesses through introduction emails, recommendations and allowing her to get a foot in the door for important meetings. This is something every single one of us can do, rich, poor, successful, unsuccessful, high up or entry level. One woman’s success is all of our success. In this episode of WorkParty, Jaclyn interviews the actress and philanthropist Kristen Bell on how she pays it forward in her everyday life and through her business This Bar Saves Lives. Our expert for this episode, Jesse Draper, founder of Halogen Ventures, shares how she got started in the business of creating the next female billionaire through venture capital funding.

Finding Your Tribe

Behind every great woman are great women. Your tribe is your rock as an entrepreneur and Jaclyn knows all about this. In this episode of WorkParty the podcast, Jaclyn interviews celebrity hairstylist and founder Kristin Ess on how she build her business dream team. Our tribe expert, Ally Love gives us the inside scoop to creating a strong sense of community IRL.

Congrats on Your failure

Here’s the thing, when your in it, failure feels like shit. There are no ifs ands or buts about it but hindsight is 20/20 and the truth is failure is character building. It teaches you more about yourself, your business and who you can be in the future than you will ever know. In this episode we’re talking about failing upward and some steps she took to reach success with the founder of Spanx, Sara Blakely and our expert Maxie Mccoy shares her three keys to self-confidence with us.

Resiliency Required

‘Resiliency Required’ is one of our WorkParty commandments because being an entrepreneur, being a business woman and being the boss is hard as fuck and it never gets easier. In this episode of WorkParty the podcast Jaclyn interviews, Phoebe Robinson of the HBO show 2 Dope Queens on bouncing back and being a multi-hyphenate woman. Our expert Katie Sturino shares advice on using your platform to make a difference no matter what the haters say.

From Blog to Brand

In this special live episode of WorkParty the podcast, Jaclyn is joined by co-founders of Summer Fridays, Marianna Hewitt and Lauren Gores for the Dear Media live podcast series at The Grove in Los Angeles. The three boss babes discuss the strategic phenomenon of turning a blog into a strong brand. Our expert, Reesa Lake is the EVP of Brand Partnerships behind some of the biggest names in the game and she’s breaking down how to turn your likes into cold hard cash.

Pitch Perfect

Nailing your company’s mission is one of the first things you should do to establish your new business. Every great tagline involves the what, the who, and the mission behind the company. In this episode of WorkParty the podcast, Jaclyn shares how she landed on the tagline for Create & Cultivate and interviews Barbara Corcoran about understanding and establishing your company’s mission. To help us understand the basics, our branding expert Jasmine Takanikos is sharing her best advice for branding a new business.

Collaboration over Competition

The motto, the mantra, everything Create & Cultivate stands for is embedded in the message of Collaboration Over Competition. In this episode of WorkParty, Jaclyn dishes on the importance of collaborating, and how it could help all women continue thriving in their careers. She chats with actress and activist, Sophia Bush, about why coming together is so important, and much more. To help break down collaboration in the business world, we have our expert, Blair Decembrele from WorkParty podcast sponsor, LinkedIn, chiming in.