Everything You Missed at Our Austin WorkParty Tour Stop


We headed over to Austin for our last and final WorkParty tour stop. And, the ladies turned out! We teamed up with Microsoft Teams to bring our guests a WorkParty like no other. As you already know, Seattle is home to some of the most rad companies, including Microsoft. 

The event was hosted at WeWork, and our amazing speaker, shared how she brought her own work party to life. Keep on reading for the tips, tricks and tools we learned about last night.

As we wrapped our tour, our final conversation was with Kendra Scott, founder of the namesake Kendra Scott brand. She dished on how she started a business out of her bedroom, failing at her first business, and what it takes to start all over.

Mic-Drop Moments

“One of the biggest challenges I’ve overcome since starting my business is actually starting with just $500.”

“Trying to bootstrap a business in those early days with nothing in your pocket is not easy.”

“Surround yourself with people that believe in you, because there will be times that you don’t believe in yourself and you’re going to need them to lift you up.”

“When we hold hands as women we are stronger.”

“In order to be successful you need optimism.”

“We hire from the heart before we hire from the resume. I can teach skills but you can’t teach heart.” 

It wouldn’t be a WorkParty if we didn’t have our guests get involved with our friends at Microsoft Teams. We had an interactive booth, where attendees took a quick quiz to learn what kind of team member they are: the influencer, the heart, or the collaborator. It was important for our guests to learn more about Microsoft Teams and how it could help their workflow and overall business. The WorkParty team used the collaboration tool to plan the entire tour.